Hello Pretty Loose Glitter Lime Soda

Hello Pretty Loose Glitter Lime Soda

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Fine neon green glitter can be used for cosmetic use , nails makeup, hair perfect for summer 

PLEASE NOTE; All of our glitters are potted to the same fill weight. Due to  particle size, once settled in the pot they can appear less than full.  

Warning: Discontinue use if signs of irritation. For external use only.


polytethylene terephthalate (cas#25038-59-9) Aluminium (cas# 7429-90-5)

may contain

C115850 D&C red7, CL15880 FD&c Red 34, Cl19140 FD&C Yellow 5,Cl177510 FD&C Blue 27, Cl174160 Blue 15.3 Cl77266 Black 7 D&C Black 2, Cl121108 Yellow 83, Cl73915 Red 122, Cl151319 Violet 23, Cl77891 titanium dioxide,Cl42090 FD&C blue 1, cl45380 D&C red 28, Cl45350:1 D&C yellow 7 , Cl60725 solvent , violet 13,Cl73900 violet 19, Cl16035 FD&C red 40, Cl11710 yellow 3 , Cl77492 iron oxide